Rivers Healing Arts Services

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Brief Overview of Services:

Energy Work
Inborn feelings of peace and wellbeing will reemerge within you throughout this gentle hands-on-healing technique. During this time of inner healing, your body will remember its natural state and allow you to let go of all that keeps you from being fully whole and alive. More about Energy Work.
Death Midwifery
The end of life is as miraculous and mysterious as life’s beginning. Regina’s gift to you and your family during this most sensitive experience is to create sacred space and ritual within your personal environment, and bridge families closer together through significant talk, stories, reminders, forgiveness, hand-holding, laughter, tears, and blessed goodbyes. More about Death Midwifery.
Core Shamanic Practices
In sacred space, through the process of guided imagery, storytelling, and soft drumming, you will embark on an inward journey where pertinent questions arise and are solidly answered by your own inner wisdom. More about Core Shamanic Practices.
Relationship Coaching for Groups, Individuals, Couples and Friends
With guided support, you will have the opportunity to determine your true life goals and work toward them. You will discover more of who you are from soul-searching sessions and learn basic relationship skills that will help you listen and speak mindfully so that you, and those with whom you live and work, are both heard and understood. More about Relationship Coaching.
The Spirit Realm
As spiritual beings having human experiences, it is important for us to remember our true nature. There are gentle wise ones who exist in the spirit realm who want to connect and share knowledge with us from their perspective, and there are those who travel to those realms through death who sometimes need our assistance. We can learn much when we open to these cooperative relationships. More about The Spirit Realm.
The greatest gift you can give yourself is the full truth of who you are. By opening to the healing of Primal Release, and the spiritual practices of Meditation and Relaxation, you will gain the tools needed to discover the source of your inner wisdom and learn the deep and unshakable truth of self-awareness. More about Self Awareness.
Rivers Healing Arts clients also have the opportunity to learn meditation and relaxation techniques and to experience Regina’s present workshops that include UpWriting Yourself, Introduction to Ascension Energy, Creating Sacred Altars, and Introduction to Journeying. She is available for traveling workshops and speaking engagements. More about Workshops.

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