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Energy Balancing

Ascension Energy

AE is a cooperative healing technique wherein therapist and client work in tandem to bring about the healing process. AE supports the body's innate ability to heal by unlocking areas where energy is blocked, returning it to its natural levels and flow, ultimately creating a sense of wellbeing within the client.

Why would you need Ascension Energy?

Bodies consist of both matter and energy, as does everything around us. Our body energy travels along twelve defined acupuncture points called meridians. In the best of situations, when at peak health, our energy runs smoothly through this system of meridians. However, when we are physically, emotionally, or spiritually tired or ill, our energy tends to constrict, interrupting our natural energy flow. When trauma or an emotionally charged situation occurs in our lives, our emotions from that situation can become deeply lodged at a cellular level in our bodies causing us physical discomfort as well as emotional and psychological dis-ease. AE creates a state of natural flowing energy at the cellular level that allows our body to heal itself and return to its peak state of health.

What will you experience?

You may experience a tingling sensation or a feeling of warmth in the area where Regina is working on you. Sensitive and private parts of the body are not touched. Instead, Regina's hands are positioned above these areas continuing contact in the client's subtle body or surrounding outer energy field. Many clients express a feeling of deep relaxation. Some experience a release of emotions and laugh or cry during the session. Others have expressed a letting go of past challenges or have realized resolutions to current situations. Some clients sleep soundly throughout the session. All of these experiences are normal reactions to our body recovering from stress and tension.

Uses for AE

AE can be safely used for: pregnancy, labor, births, and welcoming babies; relief from anxiety and stress; post chemotherapy wellbeing; pain control for headaches and physical body discomfort; preparation for and accelerated healing after operative procedures: easing into death; and general body, mind, and spiritual wellbeing.

What does Regina experience?

While working on clients, Regina may experience their energy flow as a tingling or pulling sensation in her hands. Since she can feel energy both directly on and above the body, she may place her hands either on the body or in the space just above the body depending where she most strongly feels her client's energy. Regina's body tends to shake from the time her client's energy is first being released until it flows easily in the area being worked on and is similar to a timer for knowing when to move on to another body area.

Many times while working on a client, because she is so focused on her intention to aid in their healing process, Regina receives messages about that client. She does not edit these messages and, if requested or given permission by the client, she shares what comes to her intuitively. Regina has learned over time that these messages are important to impart whether they may or may not mean something to the client at the time.

General Information

AE is a safe, fully-clothed, non-invasive experience. Pets and other animals can also benefit from AE. Sessions include from 50 to 60 minutes of gentle hands-on-healing energy work plus an immediate after-session debriefing of approximately 15 minutes. First visits include a pre-session intake and introductory period of approximately 20 minutes. Sessions are by appointment only. Clients are responsible for paying for sessions in full unless canceled at least 24 hours in advance.


(Master/Teacher Level)

Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key, meaning Universal Life Energy, is an energy technique similar to Ascension Energy in some ways and different in others. It was developed by Mikao Usui In Japan in the early 1900s and involves particular placement of hands on or above the organs, glands, and joints of the body in order to create a smooth flow of energy throughout the body using universal energy. Reiki is passed from teacher to practitioner through a process called Attunement.

Reiki has become mainstream over the lasts few years as a hands-on healing modality, and is often facilitated in hospitals across the country to patients both pre-op and post-op. Its gentle and non-invasive technique works well with patients who are in fragile condition.


(Level II Practitioner)

Kolaimni, pronounced Ko-Lame-Nee, means “Connecting with the Light.” It is an ancient "Original American" method of energy healing that is administered with hands above the body as an etheric massage using short feather-like hand strokes. Grandmother Patricia “Mechi” Garza, a Native American Elder and Medicine Woman of Choctaw and Cherokee descent, began sharing her gift of Kolaimni with students in 1981. Regina received her Level II certification in 1991.

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