Relationship Coaching

Redefining Connection with Self and Others

Some questions to ask yourself

  1. Do you have the kind of relationships you really want? 
  2. Do you lack the confidence you need to succeed?
  3. Is your past holding you back?
  4. Are you dealing with present life changes or challenges?
  5. Are you searching for direction into your bright future?
  6. Are you your own worst enemy?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a relationship coach could be your best friend.

What is a relationship coach?

As your relationship coach, Regina will work with you to determine what is most important to you in your life. Together you will design a list of goals that are believable and achievable for you. Through such tools as journaling, visioning, and journeying, you will be able to understand and reintegrate parts of yourself that may have been wounded during any past traumas. Then, as a team, you will create your personal roadmap for attaining the future and relationships you want.

Who can a relationship coach help?

Regina is available for anyone who needs guidance along life's path.

Spouses/Partners: You can resolve conflict without arguing! Learn what you can and can't change about your spouse or partner and how to listen and communicate in a caring way. You both can have what you want!

Parents: No more "Because I said so!" Regina will work with you to understand the issues that are creating roadblocks between you and your child and then find ways to bring peace into your family life.

Children: "They never listen to me!" Learn what makes your parents tick and what causes both you and them to stress out and shut down communication.

Personal Relationships: Clear the path! Develop a vision of what you want in a caring relationship and plan for it to happen!

Business & Career: Become a believer and an achiever! Discover what motivates you most and what talents you own that define your success in the business world. Find and do what you love!

Life in general: Sometimes you simply need an undivided ear to listen to what ails you. As your relationship coach, Regina will listen and then help you define your needs and desires in life and work to achieve the peace, health, and happiness you want.

What can you receive from this relationship?

With Regina as your relationship coach, you will receive her undivided time and attention during your sessions. As in any relationship, you will get from your time together exactly what you put into it. Regina's role is to teach you success skills. Your role is to open to possibilities and try them on for size. From this relationship, you will receive an opportunity that can ignite your self-esteem, motivate your personal best efforts, and carry you to your desired goals.

Phone Sessions

Regina is also available for phone sessions. Email her at to schedule your appointment.

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