Bee on a flowerI don’t know how to thank Regina. I looked into the mirror today and feel young, beautiful and happy again. I couldn’t even see my winkles anymore.

Chiayueh Yen
Research Assistant at Department of Pathology,
University of Pittsburgh and Reiki practitioner

I have experienced several energy sessions with Regina. They have always been profound on several levels. Her energy work balances my body. Regina is able to tune into the stuck places and make adjustments to get my energy flowing freely. She is also very intuitive and able to share insights with me that help me to make the mental adjustments necessary to stay in balance as well as to take the next step forward in my life. I so trust Regina and the space she creates for healing that I am able to fully relax and receive the necessary healing.

Sharon Marquart
Holistic Life Coach

Regina Rivers is a kind and generous soul with a healing gift. See what you can learn from working with her!

“Dr. Katie” McCorkle, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Founder, Balanced Heart Healing Center™
Developer of Balance Point Therapy™
Author of A Balanced Heart™: 10 weeks of success
Learn more at www.advertel.com/balancedheart/, email drkatie@balancedheart.org or call 866-DR-KATIE

Sessions with Regina allowed me to feel connected to my inner self, cared for, cherished and loved. Regina provides a safe, nurturing environment wherein I learn about me.

Lee Schweitzer, Massage Therapist
Owner, The Woods Retreat Spa

God brought me to Regina Rivers for the help that she could give. Depression and indecision have burdened me for the majority of my life. I have been seeking spiritually to follow Gods will since childhood. After 2 sessions with Regina Rivers, I found a lightness in my soul and a sureness of direction in my mind that is a wonderful feeling and knowing. I felt that the healing and sureness came from within, but the experience was as if she assisted with the birthing of it.

When a person takes a drug, there is symptomatic relief of pain with often a rush of comfort. This is temporary. When a person eats broccoli, there is no rush or high but there is nourishment and health. When you receive energy healing-balancing, you may not feel a rush either. The sense of well-being may be more gradual, but it is real and more lasting.

Regina is definitely guided by spirit and brings healing in a loving manner using various modalities to evoke healing and the highest good for the recipient. She has helped me greatly and I will continue to see her as my spiritual journey continues.

Mary J. Clough, RN, MS

I am so grateful and glad that Regina's path has crossed mine! She is a healer of the highest caliber, abundant with compassion, wisdom, a gentle wit and a heartfelt desire to do good in the world. Our healing community needs more people like Regina!

Gina Mazza Hillier,
Author of Everything Matters, Nothing Matters: For Women Who Dare to Live with Exquisite Calm, Euphoric Creativity and Divine Clarity (St. Lynn's Press, 2008). www.EverythingmattersNothingmatters.com

Having known Regina for about 15 years, I have come to understand her dedication to truth, and quest for personal inner growth. These qualities, as well as love and compassion are what she brings into her healing practice. She realizes that it is her inner healing that guides her process in helping other people. As far as I’m concerned, it is these qualities that make for an excellent practitioner in the healing arts.

Susan Littoral, Artist and Creator of Soul Paintings

Regina is a gifted and powerful Shaman [practitioner] with the ability to tap into and access energies for deep healing and shared wisdom. Lying on her treatment table you are immediately enveloped by a feeling of safety and serenity. During my treatment she disclosed visions and conversations that provided a new dimension to my own spiritual journey. I felt a great opening to higher levels of insight and discernment, as well as an increase in my own ability to facilitate healing. I received unconditional acceptance and love through Regina’s channeled energies and clairvoyance, and knew great peace and centeredness. I cannot imagine a soul that would not benefit from a therapeutic session with Regina.

Kathy Evans-Palmisino, RN, CNM, MS, CPT
Ki-Ri : Energy Work & Sacred Ceremony for Personal & Planetary Transformation

I went into the energy balancing session primarily to address joint pain. That pain has remarkably decreased since then, but more importantly was the amazing affects the session has had on my spiritual and emotional health. In the few weeks since the session, my awareness of spiritual and psychological blocks has increased and in dealing with these blocks my own personal growth has been greatly aided. I look forward to continued growth in all areas body, mind and spirit and I have Regina and her talent as a healer to thank.

All my best,
Josiah Gromley
Spiritual Poet and Writer

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