I am here to guide you into your best life. ~ Regina Rivers

Rivers Healing Arts Mission Statement

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Rivers Healing Arts is a safe environment promoting wellness in body, mind, and spirit, empowering those who desire inner healing to explore and achieve goals, release emotional trauma, re-story their lives, transcend life stages and passages with ease, and attain well-being through gentle, nurturing guidance.

All answers already exist within you. Together we can find them. ~ Regina Rivers

Services Offered

Regina often receives intuitive messages, which she will gladly share with clients if desired.

“Regina Rivers is a kind and generous soul with a healing gift. See what you can learn from working with her!”

“Dr. Katie” McCorkle, Ph.D.

“Sessions with Regina allowed me to feel connected to my inner self, cared for, cherished and loved. Regina provides a safe, nurturing environment wherein I learn about me.”

Lee Schweitzer, Massage Therapist Owner, The Woods Retreat Spa

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